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$XSPC Internet Data Hunt Rules
  • It's not a technical game, but some questions require thinking, brainstorming with others, or searching google. So just relax and enjoy the game.
  • At least one question per day will be posted on our socials or other platforms.
  • Each question carries 1000 points. And there are 100's of questions.
  • Is the question already answered? You will get 50 points less than the one who answered before you.
  • Everyone gets points. A minimum of 200 points will be awarded, on correct answer.
  • You can't proceed to next question until you answer the current one. Some questions are unlocked on certain dates, while others are given out only during partner shows or events.
  • Note:Even if you started answering late, you can win by answering the remaining questions early.
  • Note:You must be on XSPC discord and verfify your account used in THAT discord. Example Discord Name and ID : joe_smith#12345
  • Note:We only used information that is public on the internet. If a question requires you to perfom any action, any tools required will be used from Browserling Tools and are 100% free to use with no installation required.
  • To get informed about the new questions, like and visit the following Twitter / Facebook / Discord / Telegram